Vic Falls Declared Cyber-City! Get LTE (Very Fast Internet Access)

(Source: Newsday)


Thanks to the UNTWO General Assemble, Econet has fast doubled up efforts to bring LTE (Long-Term-Evolution) to Zimbabwe.


With break-neck speeds of upto 300Mbits/s ( theorically of-course) This is a faster way of mobile internet communication. However, if you live in Harare and Bulawayo, you have to watch and be green with envy as Vic-Falls residents enjoy astonishing speeds.

However, I wonder how many Vic-Falls residents actually have LTE enabled handsets? It seems the most to enjoy are the swanky rich UNWTO delagates that will bring their top of the range gadgets ( I wish they could sell them at an auction aftre the conference)

However, this is a good move as it will benefit Zimbabwe in the long run as Econet won’t pull out the investment just because the conference is over.

I also hope to see Vic-Falls getting a “Cyber-Village” were tech gurus, start-ups, bloggers are funded and given faster tools to work with.

Just my two cents!


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