Smartphone Deals that you may consider

Econet has a “contract” system where you buy a smartphone over a period of 24 months

Well I like the fact that they reduced the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

These devices from the Econet website will set you off $60 per month for the next two solid years. Well, just at the ZITF 2013 the devices were still at $80 per month.

However, before yiou scream “expensive” yu have to consider that the bulk of the money you are repaying is going to your “airtime”

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1



For $60 here is what you get:

  • $39 going to airtime
  • $26 going to gadget repayment
  • It means you will have payed a whooping $624 for the phone

Samsung Galaxy S3


For $60 a month you get:

  • $32 dollars going to airtime
  • $33 dollars going to handset repayment
  • It means you will have paid $792 for the handset

Are these deals good? Yes and No! Why?

Because these are not for the reach of the common man on the street. We need more pro-poor deals that are easy on our pockets and allow us to enjoy the beuaty of top-notch smartphones.

You can head over here to see more deals, like the Samsung Galaxy S4 which is amazingly not on the page but it will set you back a hefty $80 per month


9 comments on “Smartphone Deals that you may consider

  1. Ximex Mall is the way to go man…60bucks a month for 2yrs??? no thanks…nwae still waitin for that rootin tip u promised*

  2. A word of advise i had a nasty experience ku Centurion ne phn dzepa Ximex after cellC flaged it & I went voluntarily ndakazopona nekugona kutaura chivet wangu. But they R cheap. Most people in Zim are still scared of the internet but a mastercard can get U a brand new phone

    • wow.. its true about cheaper deals via the internet, besides smartphones you can get a whole range of cheap goods.. Why dont you consider writing an article about Ximex Mall phones and your experience, it will be a great read. Will email you

  3. Kikikiki

    I can jus imagine: wakanga urimusi wechipiri apandakakwira bhazi kunangeJhoni……..

    Or ngati ngisehla ibhasi e Pitoli ngagada iGautrain njenge ngamla lapho umakhalekhuhkwini wami…….

    Or on a wet cold Tuesday on the fast clean comfortable Gautrain enroute to Centurion. I was mesmerized by the thighs of a mini skirt powersuite dressed lady my galaxy S3 rang…..

    Yah dude it will be fun we can make a movie too get stunner winky sniper roki tryson Diana jah to do the soundtrack tomirira Pokello adzoke we have Munya hakeem maneta too in the cast kikikiki

    i wonder who will play me thoh kikikiki

    or instead of the bus tongoti i was on the $275 Airzim flight

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