EasyCall (NetOne) Data Bundles are a cheaper!


NetOne has introduced data bundles but you can’t as yet buy them easily using USSD. You buy a physical recharge card and enter *133*RECHARGE_NUMBER#RECIPIENT_NUMBER# and you are good to go!

However what caught my eye was the huge difference NETONE has over Econet data bundles if you are used to buying small denominations for your data bundles!

Look at the rates below:

NetOne $3 — You get 70MB data

NetOne $5 — You get 125 MB data

NetOne $10 — You get 285 MB data

For Econet here is what you get
Econet $3 — You get 30MB data

Econet $5 — You get 80 MB data

Econet $10 — You get 200MB data

However, as you reach higher denominations Econet is actually cheaper than NetOne

NetOne $50 — You get a measly 2000MB/ 2Gig data

Econet $50 — You get a slightly beefed up 2500MB/ 2.5 Gig data

So if you are the majority, Netone may offer an advantage. Most of my friends do not buy $10 data.

However, big data users may find that Econet is far better and cheaper. This pricing model will continue to see people with multiple SIM cards so as to take advantage of the competition


7 comments on “EasyCall (NetOne) Data Bundles are a cheaper!

  1. Econet is way ahead of most on mobile data if U use a smartphone thoh not consistent. I couldn’t finish $50 data 3months on i have it lord knows how many friends & family have used it.

    We can do with discounts thoh pliz econet.
    The econet smartphone deal @ $80/month how much of the airtime is actually voice airtime & is the device insured

    • yah its true, I buy data bundles in higher denominations and wangu, I struggle to use them up… its cheaper and cost effective. Well the Econet deals are not for the common man on the street. I cant afford them as well

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