UC Browser may soon replace Opera Mini on your phone


I once used UC Browser long back on my Samsung D900i. What a crap exprience I had! Thebrowesr was cluttered and had small, unreadable fonts. Besides it was spoofing, pretending to be Firefox Browser!

I never really got to use the browser the moment I saw Opera Mini. With Opera Mini I opened a world of possibilities that I ha d never seen before. Compresed data, fast rendering and readable fonts.

Then I bumped into Android phones and I was a fan of Opera Mini. I would even download the beta downloads to see what the Next version of Opera Mini was.

However, Opera Mini acted up strange one day and I took my time to research on Mobile browsers that compress data. I saw most sites advocating for Bolt and what what! I saw UC Browser for Android.

Out of curiosity again I sampled it! What I saw shocked me! The browser had improved. The font rendered all good and there were a whole host of features that really impressed me!

Created by a Chinese firm, UC Mobile I must say the Chinese made a masterpiece.

Some of the features that impress in UC Browser are

QR Code Image

Picture of QR Code


  • QR Code reader.:This is a nifty feature as it enables you to capture web addresses and stuff easily. Even if these are not yet common in Zimbabwe, I have sen them on Ads in the local press
  • Download Manager: What impressed me is the easy to use layout to manage your downloads. You can see your download history, your failed downloads and even you can pause a download.
  • App Centre: You can see some cool apps on the web app centre/app store! Most apps are free and you can find some germs in that app store.

With the browser adding new features everyday I am sure you will love it as well.

Should you migrate to UC Browser? Well, I haven’t totally migrated to UC Browser but I find I now use these two browsers interchangebly.

I like the cool features in UC and I like the simplicity of Opera Mini. Each browser is finding its own uses but I seem to be gravitating towards UC Browser these days.

To sample the browesr, visit the google play store here:

For Nokia Phones go here:


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