Zazzle your phone with Zegaphone


In news on the web elsewhere, the founder, Charlie Fairbairn of Zegaphone a mega app that aims to put the functionalitys of Whatsapp, BBM, Instagram, Skype and Viber in one app has been launched.

The app aims to be an all in one app and the founder is on a world-wide tour of marketing.his app. However what caught my attention was the fact that they say for only 1MB data you can call non Zegaphone users for about three minutes!
Calculating that you will realise that you are effectively calling for 30 minutes for just a dollar. On average a 10 Mega Bytes of data cost $1 from our local providers that is Econet, Telecel and NetOne.

This deal flies in the face of Africom and it’s Guro-o thing were you are charged double!

However the app is free for the first month of usage, thereafter something like $6 a month will be paid akin to BlackBerry Internet Service! I think this is the biggest letdown of this app! Unless ofcourse if it is $6 dollars all you can eat!

Again with BBM coming to Android, the messaging space is becoming a little crowded

However I don’t see Econet agreeing to such a thing. To sample the app you can download it from the play store here


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