Mukuru App, send money and chat as well!


I thought messaging apps were becoming a little too much for us and suddenly wham! I get news for a new app from Mukuru. Image is a Zimbabwean company that specialises in sending money from the diaspora to locals back home.

However, to make sending money sweet and easier, Mukuru has launched an app that enables you to send money and chat with friends as well. You can download the app here and they say the app works even on those non-smartphones.

I haven’t used the app though and once I sample it I will let you know. What I liked is that this app is practical and it takes a new angle.

Definately, if you send money you may want to chat with the person you are sending money to. Instead of sending money and jumping to whataspp, you just do it within one app. Cool Hey


89 comments on “Mukuru App, send money and chat as well!

  1. thanks mukuru for your service.your rates are afordable and the exchage rate is not as going to e wife in the rural areas wouldnt manage to go change on black market as they are risks of loosing alk my hard earny money.thank you.

  2. I want to send money but i cant dowmload mukulu app on my lumia 520 my number is 0734224072
    my 0ld number is 0623234487

  3. Hie good business partners thanks for all your troubles you have got so much patience and you provide great customer care. I love MUKURU its safe,secure and efficient try it you will never go wrong with MUKURU .Thanks guys again have a bleesed day neh.

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