Internet Settings for Telecel, Econet and NetOne

Please Note that with modern smartphones, there is no need to set-up anything. They recieve the settings automatically and all you have to do is to accept or save the setings. In the event that the auto settings have do not come, you can follow the instructions below:



For those on the Android Opertaing System we shal start with you as you the majority


Go to Menu and Select Settings
Touch or Click (whatever)Β  on Wireless and Network
> Go to Mobile Networks
> Click Access Point Names
> Choose APN
For Econet

Write in:

For Telecel

Write in: internet

For NetOne

Write in: internet.netone

Select somewhere were it says APN type:

Write in Internet

If you are a Netone subscriber please note:

You have to:
a) Go back to Mobile networks
b) Select Network Mode
c)Β  Select WCDMA only



Go to your settings ( I am sure you know how its done) and do the following

> Settings > General > Network

Then look for something like:

Cellular Network Data: Click ot tap or touch that

Enter the Access Point Name (APN)

These are the same as those listed for Android!



Don’t open your eyes, you didn’t know Windows has an Operating System for Phones!! To bad!!!

Go to your App List, Click Settings > Mobile Networks and boom a huge list of options appear!

Ignore the rest! Oh…read slowly and get to know what all those settings are… then

Go to Add Internt APN

Add the APN from the Android list above

Leave those proxy port, username and whatnot just as they are! You are not using a proxy port are you??? Are you???

Then Click Save

Happy Browsing, Whatsapping and Googling!!!!


11 comments on “Internet Settings for Telecel, Econet and NetOne

  1. This information is not helpful at all. Why not just automatically activate the mobile data the moment a person purchases a line. πŸ˜•πŸ˜•πŸ˜•

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