Why I hate Telecel, Econet and NetOne!


Well I don’t really hate these companies per se but I do not love some of the business practices they engage in. I do not mean to despise your beloved companies but am writing this post as a way to nudge these companies in the right directions.

These are some of the things I wish they would shed from their way of doing business… Enjoy!!


Econet Wireless Logo

Econet Wireless Logo

Econet is the biggest network in Zimbabwe, reaping in super profits! But the profits seem to be dropping sharply. Econet has arguable the best Network out there, in terms of almost everything… But hey Econet change these

  • Econet should actually engage people on their facebook and twitter pages. It is so strange that a company opens a page and goes on to give one way communication. I know that replies to posts can suddenly reach 100 for a page like Econet’s page but responding to people’s queries on a separate post does not hurt, does it Econet?
  • Copying! Well we can’t say Econet really copies here but it has a tendency of waiting for other companies to introduce something and then they rush in with a service or promo to counter the effects of the competitor! Teletunes was countered by buddie beats, Skwama countered by Ecocash, Call all day for a dollar from NetOne was countered by Buddie Zone! Econet please Innovate!!! Stop reaping what you did not sow, it caused a huge rift between Alick Macheso and his chummie Zacharia I think, and led Macheso into penning a song, Econet you don’t want Telecel writing a song about you entitled Pakutema Munda….
  • Too expensive, Buddie Zone hardly works! Other networks have really cheap tarrifs but with Econet!!! I tell you!!
  • Spam sms! Whenever Econet introduces something, they make sure they make you hear it loudly. In radios, TVs and SMS! Please give us an option to opt in or out of those spam SMS messages…
  • Econet introduces things and pulls them off our feet very fast. Remenber Ecolife? We topped up our accounts religiously to get life cover… but hey we never saw anyone benefiting from that assuarance scheme.. Notify us of what you intend to do and how it affects us, than to silently pull off things from us just like that.
  • Having a call centre that actually works! Try dialling 111 now and tell me what happens! You will hear jingles and jingles and then…Silence the connection is lost. You have to physically go to Econet if you really want your query to be resolved.


Telecel Logo

Telecel Logo

Telecel is the second largest operator with some really cool customer service and easy on the pocket tarrifs! However if Telecel could change the following traits, it will be a darling!

  • Stop sending us an sms each time our airtime reduces to zero… please that is so annoying! We actually know how to check for balance left, and the fact that the phone just cut is a telling feature that my airtime ha s dropped to zero.
  • Telecel if you could stop Econet from stealing the limelight from you. Buddie Beatz is now more known than teletunes… Ecocash is now a household name and Skwama is nowhere to be seen. Advertise heavily like you depend on it… actually you depend on it.
  • Internet speeds! Well I am not saying Telecel internet really bad but coming from Econet HSPA dizzying fast speeds adn stepping into Telecel slower speeds feels like stepping off a Toyota Alteza and Jumping onto a train. Besides, I usually see only the Edge and GPRS signal when using Telecel, HSPA is no where in sight!



NetOne is the third largest network in Zimbabwe.. or it is the smallest network in Zimbabwe. NetOne has introduced a hard to beat Call-For-A-Dollar-A-Day Promo that is hard to beat. I bet Econet and Telecel wish this promo would die this very instant. But NetOne, just drop the following

  • Bragging! We are tired of hearing things like First-To, First-This, First-That! NetOne may be the first to anything but that does not make you good or better. What matters is the service we are getting now whether you are first or last, WE DONT CARE!
  • NetOne should drop loss making promos, they made a loss last year, albeit due to this crazy promos were people are virtually calling free of charge! Now don’t be embarrased NetOne, pull off that promo! But be warned Econet will bash you good because it seems that promo is causing them a huge headache.
  • Not making a profit. NetOne should make a profit! This thing of relying on gvt funds just because you are a parastatal is totally bad. You are using our taxes that could have been used for somthing else productive. Imagine, if they made a profit and paid taxes than to wait for funds from our taxes, squander it on crazy promos.
  • Stop playimg catch up! NetOne should stop playing catch up! They introduced data bundles just now, and you cannot send a Please call me back SMS using USSD codes. NetOne please wake up and smell the coffee, its getting cold hey!!!

I hope you enjoyed this post! What do you hate about these Networks? Leave a comment in the comments area and let others know!


19 comments on “Why I hate Telecel, Econet and NetOne!

  1. Your post is very biased and clearly you do not have all the facts on hand. Firstly net-one is not making losses it is one of the only parastatals that gvt has held on so far and one of their biggest cash cows. True that it slacks in most of its strategies but the truth is netone is also a leader in many strategies that are never implemented if they are there is sooo mch red tape that when they do people like econet would have already stolen the limelight. Netone cannot grow because of how government is draining its resources and slowing its progress.
    Secondly econet does not copy but due to its fast response to the market its a very huge company tjat can afford to take risks it steals ideas!!! When telecel or the other competitor tries to do something econet already is on its feet rolling in all the money it can. I agree with you that its not innovative. Therefoee instead of blaimin telecel for its poor internet why not try and fight for more investment that econet has.

    • Well the press pointed to a loss for NetOne. If the gvt is taking the profits as well as the capital, then that is recorded as a loss to the general public. Thank you for leaving your views on this piece of article

  2. there is a thin line between love and hate between me and econet, they do not care at all about their customers as big as they are they should be giving us better services, their handset deals are expensive compared with ones offered down south, sell the airtyme, data the handset should be a catch not a profit driver nxaa. Telecel love you, for preventing econet from killing us.

  3. I do not hate Telecel but the reason why my line goes for 3 months or more without being recharged is because I am a data person. I hardly make calls or send sms’s and all those 100 percent bonuses are pretty much worthless to me if I cant use them for internet.
    The second issue I have is about data bundles. I always have to try more than 5 times to buy a data bundle, at times I just had to give up and use normal airtime for browsing which is expensive as I will be billed using out of bundle rates.

  4. I love econet because it has a widest coverage for fast and efficient communication, access to internet and is private company. Unlike Netone and Telecel, they are owned by gvt, their workers are reluctant when it comes to service providing and repairing

  5. The issue with Econet is it want to prove its dominance on the local network scene. It is already behaving as it is Potraz. Cutting off telecel to prove they are the better network? Not coooool!!

  6. I hate Econet, their rates are so high compared to other networks like Telecel and NetOne.
    They have no meaningful promotions, just look at Buddiezone for once, it does not work at all during the day, one has to wait till 12 midnight to enjoy the benefits, are we now witches??
    They make huge profits and yet are very stingy, first Buddiezone used to reach 99% now it only reach 90% (that’s if you’re lucky)
    They removed those Ecocash SMSes and reduced the discount from 15% to only 5%.
    Look at their SMS and Win Promo, 15cents is a lot of money for a single responce don’t you think?? and they don’t even publish the points of winners, leading us to wonder about the transparency of the promotion.
    Their customer service is one of the worst, I was at Econet Office the other day and there was a long queue and guess what, no one was serving, I ended up going home without being assisted.
    There’re not innovative, no unlimited packages like Telecel.
    They are thieves, can someone tell me what happened to Ecolife?? did anyone even benefited from Ecolife?? I doubt so.
    Their call-centre (111) is plain useless, you have to spent at least 30 minutes before getting through..

    I HATE ECONET aaaggghhh…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. econet iline remunhu musvinu kana wada bonus unotomuka pakati pehusiku manje mamwe aya pese pese bonus iritii.telecel ndere mahousemaids nanagarden boy kuzoti netone ndiremunhu wekumusha cz ndikokwarinobata

  8. innovation is amoung the vertues of great leaders,econet is the leading network company in Zimbabwe becouse it knows how to compete amoung others,in order for a firm to find what clients need it has to suffer competition,without econet may b we could be exploited telecel,since evry firm is driven by profit motive,net 1 is a parastatal so due to e subsidies it may b reluctant to competition,since its aim is not to make profit but keep on existing on the market,so don’t blem econet it is playing its role without competition monopolies exist

  9. I have never realy used a netone line it was never my favourite.I realy hate netone.netones service delivery is very poor comparing to that of the trendsetter,econet.netones network is not always available as some areas completely lack coverage,why dont they construct more boasters?is it because they lack funds as they operate at a non profit making margin or its because their service is just for the few in the areas they chose to erect boasters?i wonder!i also hate netone because it gives its subscribers abnormal bonus talktime.this is not good for other service providers as they operate at a profit seeking objective.netone users talk for long periods over the phone which is annoying to people who will be around.i realy hate netone for that.

  10. telecel i hate it its slow on internet and smtymz its nt easy 2call sm1 u jst gt reply not reacheable.sucks.netone hate it poor network.econet i love dont hate a thing

  11. I feel that this article needs to be updated, bearing in mind that it was written in 2013. Maybe the author could also include their assessment of Africom and Powertel who are also in the mobile telephone business, albeit on different platforms.

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