Sender Ku BBM…..


(Those are the lyrics of the house song Xibugu by DJ Ganyana, an S.A musician…. It shows how popular BBM is still in S.A

Blackberry Messenger (BBM) the popular messaging app from BlackBerry is set to come to Android very soon. Well, back in the days before whatsapp people with BBM were won’t to say “we will chat on BBM” or here is my BBM pin!

Now that Android is the King of Smartphones BBM is slowly losing grip. However, the guys at BlackBerry have decided to revive one of the things that made Blackberry Phones so alluring, their messenger app!

However, is BBM late for the party? I really don’t think so! BBM has some 60 million ( much further from whatsapp which now has 250 million users) users and I also think that most people will install BBM just to “see and sample” what all the hype was all about.

However, BBM is very superior to your whatsapp! It has cool features that will hook you in fast!And I think people who come in to “see and sample” will be hooked into the BBM ecosystem.


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