Econet Launches SMS and Win Promotion!


Econet launched an SMS and win promotion which runs from 30th of June to 29 October!

To start palying you simple sms the word PLAY to 34443, there after a series of questions that need a simple “YES” or “NO” will be sent to you.

A single response will set you back a whooping 20 cents! But that won’t be much if you get to win one of the prizes which include:

  • 3 x Toyota Hilux Single Cab
  • Smartphones
  • A grand prize of a Toyota Double cab truck
  • Dongles
  • And lots more prizes.. Head over to to find out more

But I see this promotion as a way to keep its users loyal after some serious competition from Telecel and Netone.

You will note that Telecel has a Mega-Reloaded Promo and NetOne offers some ridiculuos juice one dollar and call the whole day kinda thing….


6 comments on “Econet Launches SMS and Win Promotion!

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  2. I failed to play for the past 3 days due to some technical problems perhaps. I simply received a message ‘unidentified subscriber’. I tried to call yo help desk but they cud not help me. Maybe yu thought my points were just too many. I am still waiting for My prizes plse

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