How to save battery on your smartphone!



Smartphones are really cool gadgets we all know that, but one thing were smartphones seem to be dumb is battery drain. These gadgets are power hungry… They suck juice like it’s the last resource on earth.

Companies are competing on making the thinnest phone and the lightest phone. Well they could add at least an extra 6mm and an extra 80 grams to accommodate more power. I wouldn’t mind an extra 80 grams in exchange for 12 more hours of power.

However for now we have to engage in battery saving techniques.

Now here are some techniques to save your batter.

1.       We know a bright screen is cool and all but it reduces your battery power. Lower your screen brightness to the barest possible brightness and your battery will last a lil bit longer.

In newer versions of Android, it’s easy to increase or decrease brightness. Just pull down the notification bar and slide a cool slider to the right place you want. I find 30% to be good.

2.       When you are not using wifi, switch off the wifi. It sounds dumb but most people usually forget to do it, even me!

3.       In the same vein switch off Bluetooth. Yes, Bluetooth is a resource hog. A battery hog! In these days of piracy I know we don’t buy music, Bluetooth is the tool we all use on a daily basis to “steal music”! Batai Mhunu!

4.       GPS is another culprit. And Google Maps is the main thief here. I don’t know why Google Maps runs in the background despite switching it off. This is one app that needs the AppKiller app from the app store. This app switches off rouge apps totally…. Like the aforementioned Google Maps. GPS sucks battery…switch it off.

5.       Try to use the Edge Network. Go to Settings, and look for it you will find it. It depends on the version of Android you are using. HSPA+ networks or LTE! If it is found in Zimbabwe, sucks battery like no man’s business however they are fast.

6.       Avoid using the camera flash! It’s a power hog. Besides, most of those pictures will get digital dust sitting in your memory card.

7.       If you are travelling, switch off your phone. Travelling makes your phone send a more powerful signal and that takes more power, thereby using more power.

8.       When you switch on an app, say G-Tel sms app and then find out that this is a useless app, press the home screen to close the app and sigh thinking you have closed the app! You are in for a surprise, the app will be running in the background….using your precious battery power. My friend did the very same procedure, upon finding out that the app was still running on his G-Tel 717 Infinity, he was angry he thought G-Tel was cheating with it’s useless G-Tel Sms app, he asked me to delete it. I did, G-Tel next time don’t push your useless apps…PLEASE!!

9.       Well, this may sound strange but hey its true. Do not let your battery reach below 40% full. Lithium Ion batteries do not like that. They want to be charged whilst they still have a charge.

10.   Well, there is this app cold Battery Monitor, I found it useless. Besides it used 2% of battery power whilst running in the background. Well 2% is a lot in this blackout country called Zimbabwe.

11.   Another thing, if you are really desperate to save power, switch off vibrate and reduce the volume of your ring tone, especially if you receive a lot of calls. A vibrating phone uses much power than just a ringing phone.

Whew, that was a long article. You may not implement these things but you may find yourself in a tight spot and you need to save that battery for an important call. You can implement one or two of these methods. Happy battery saving.


3 comments on “How to save battery on your smartphone!

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  2. Thanks for the info man..I’ve done all you said but my htc still can’t go beyond 8hrs on a single charge..I think something is terribly wrong because when I remove my phone from the plug, battery will be 100% full…open ONE facebook page and am 94% is that normal?? What’s the best battery saving app you know??

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