Africom’s Guroo’s scheme is plain dead ridiculous


Africom announced a VoIP system, Guroo that enables people to call anyone. The system is not an Africom invention, but what caught my attention is that Africom has some really ambitions.

However VoIP being the futuristic way of communication, I think Africom got this wrong.

Imagine a system where you are charged double! That is what happens when using Africom. You pay for making the calls and then pay your data bundles to actually connect to the internet.

So it means even if you have your Africom topped up, but without data in your phone, you can’t make a call.

Besides, how many people will actually install an app on their phones just to make a call via VoIP? Many Zimbabweans can’t even be bothered to install apps like Viber or Tango that offer free VoIP services.

Does Africom think that people will dump Skype? Besides, it is more easier to just buy Airtime and phone. Africom is charging a ground zero rate of 12cents a minute, or just buy a Telecel SIM and take advantage of the #MegaReloaded promo.

Nice try Africom but Guro-o just won’t work.


10 comments on “Africom’s Guroo’s scheme is plain dead ridiculous

  1. I beg to differ on your view there. If you did a more comprehensive analysis there you will find that Guroo is simply there to add more choice for users. I have installed it on my laptop and am now able to call anyone (whether they have Guroo or not) for quite lower charges.
    In as much as you can use your data plan for making such calls on your mobile using Guroo, it is not encouraged (Same concept everywhere). Even skype does not encourage use of mobile data plans for making VoIP or video calls.
    Still on skype, check their costs (at least 21c per min to call Zim numbers)
    My advice, test the product before reviewing…

  2. Am not sure that this is fair analysis considering users who have bandwidth can surely make international call for a very reasonable amount….

    Am on guroo! and i love it

  3. I have one question look at the so called skype ur suggesting to make a skype call to any zimbabwean network costs a whooping 21c-46c estimate and your bundle. For me i’ll use guroo any given day to make international calls. Coz taking a look at Guroo they are enabling you to make calls to any network provider. I applaud Guroo!!!

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  5. Mabhadharwa ne Africom here. Guroo is rubbish. 2 out of 10 jus for trying. Skype to skype is free only data charge. Africom should concentrate on service delivery giving us higher speeds.

    A number of latest edition smartphone use cdma.

    A free marketing concept africom if they offered cool cdma smartphones with tethering there is no use 4 me to get a dongle even kids everyone on gsm with wifi then use africom. They need to start competing ne econet telecel seriously

    • What makes you think I was paid ne Africom. No I was not! I don’t get paid to write stories. I only write my opinions as a technology lover. Yes its true that they should seriously compete with Econet and Telecel, but I have a feeling they are a afraid coz their network may get congested, why would they hide a lamp under the bed?

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  7. i havent tried guroo myself, but i embrase technology and innovation and i think their idea of being able to call any network providor at a much lower cost is awesome. they just need to embark on an awareness champaign coz as far as im concerned, people dont know about it. how then can we make accurate ratings?

  8. it is a good idea but the cost is too much considering that you already pay for bandwidth. Try google talk which is free for USA numbers and 1Cent for Canada and many other destinations and 2 cents for europe etc etc.

  9. I use both Skype and Guroo and i put a plus on guroo. when i want to call Zim networks guroo is cheaper for me and for me its not a double charge. thumbs up Africom thats the only way cheaper to here Zimbabwean voices

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