Stop blaming Econet or Telecel! Set up your phone not to “eat your money” for Iphone


I wrote an article once about how to set up your phone not to eat airtime. However it looked at Android only and inspired by this question at Techzim Answers, I dedicate this article to you asker!

Well you can’t do much customisation on an IOS powered phone, that is the Iphones, Ipods and Ipads and whatever I-thing you may dream of unless you jailbreak your device.

However, that does not mean that you can’t do anything but your options are limited. Sometimes its the case of us not setting up our phones correctly when we buy them.

I once did that and a whole $5 plus 50Mb in my phone disappeared overnight without doing anything.. The first thought that crosses your mind is “Econet, those greedy muggots have been inspired to steal my money!”

If an app is draining up battery, it sure means it is running in the background and it is highly likely it is using data.

The main culprit of apps using data on Iphones is GPS… Yes that cool location thinging. Most likely when an Iphone “eats or steals” huge chunks of data the culprit is an app that is using GPS…in the background.

On your IPhone:

> Go to settings

> Look for Privacy or Location Services depending on which version of IOS you are using.

Most apps will just have an ON and OFF switch, but some will have a purple solid, purple outline, or gray solid arrow next to them. A purple arrow means the app has used your location recently, a gray arrow indicates the app has used your location in the last 24 hours, and a purple outline arrow indicates the app is using a geofence (meaning that it’s waiting to carry out an event when you’re in a certain location, like when the Reminders app provides a location-based reminder). The purple solid and outline arrows are the ones that cause the most trouble, so if you see them, try quitting those apps to see if your data usage decreases.

Switch off those, unless you really want to use Location Services…and get your money eaten!

Also download Onavo Extend an Iphone free app that compresses data by upto 80%, their website claims. This app operates like Opera Mini, if you have ever used it.

You can also download Onavo Count another free app from the same company that lets you “count” how much data apps are using recklessly on your phone. You can see how much data was used and its easy to tell if Econet or Telecel are the culprits…

Hope you found this article usefull.


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