Africom vs Powertel

One reader of this blog requested that I do a Powertel vs Africom article. Here i goes reader.

First some background.

I never bought a Powertel Dongle neither did I buy an Africom dongle. However I used both extensively. I used Powertel’s Dongle for close to a whole month. The Africom dongle I used it for close to six weeks.

We will start by focusing our eyes on Powertel.


When my brother borrowed me his dongle, I was happy. I thought this is the opportunity to do all sorts of things. I plugged the dongle onto my laptop and I saw magick.

I opened facebook, searched some ex-Japanese cars and the experience was smooth.

All hell broke loose on day number three. The good speeds dropped to tortoise slow speeds.

I could hardly open my email, even if I choose the faster HTML version only of Gmail.

I asked my brother what it was and he told me it happens a lot.

Well, the $50 dollars per month all you can eat deal is really great, untill you heat slow territory. I enquired with the Powertel guys and they said “Our engineers are looking into it”!

Infact so bad was the customer care that the fellow didnt have a clue about what I was talking about really.

When I pressed him for more info he told me to wait for the engineer to explain. I tried every trick in the book, using a long extension cable, putting my dongle on a raised place outside my window and nothing faster than a snail was experienced.

Then I checked online and I saw that this was a perennial and universal Powertel issue…

I then borrowed my friends Africom dongle..


This was better than the Powertel thing by miles… In fact it was so good. The network has a huge uptime and very rare cases were you have 0.2kbps speeds that I experienced with Powertel.

However, comparing these two Africom is way ahead. It beats Powertel and leaves it clutching the dust.  It shamelessly outdid the Powertel thing on countless occasions. (The only time I got decent speeds on Powertel was midnight to 4am)

Powertel has a $25 per Gigabyte fee. For heavy internet usage that is really a paltry amount.

The Winner

Africom wins hands down. If only they could make their data plans cheaper. If you look at it, at $50 you get 2.5 gigs from Econet Wireless and you get only 2 gig from Africom!! Hey Africom Econet is supposed to be expensive than most.

Besides, honestly Econet has better speeds than Africom. Since this is an Powertel vs Africom post, lets leave Econet out of this..


2 comments on “Africom vs Powertel

  1. When my brother borrowed me his dongle, I was happy
    Its Supposed to be “my brother Lent me his dongle”

    To business…Powertel is the worst internet provider that i have ever used. All they do is send me sms messages about problems with the Internet, sometimes the messages come midnight just for them to tell me what i already know that their engineers are working on something. I am sure that whatever they are working on it not their internet coz that is always broken.

    I thinking of using Africom and i am about 5km from CBD do you know the expected max speed at this distance

  2. Powertel gave me the worst internet experience, l started using it in 2011 and at times you will go for days without connection and they will tell yu go to an area with connection, so inconviniencing worse having paid $50 for that matter for unlimited service. I ditched them then they came back in 2015 with their usage based models and new dongle that has a sim card l gave a try it looked better till those demons creeped back. Slow speeds poor connection etc. lf you stay in western surbubs like Glenview, Budiriro Kambuzuma forget about good service there. I tried their $2 24 hrs unlimited service just a few days ago,To be honest lm done with them! these guys will never be serious they take people for grantyd

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