Alternative Apps that you can install on your smartphone

The two monster apps that most ZImbabwean’s install on their phones are whatsapp and Opera Mini.

However these are not the only apps that you can enjoy on your smartphone.

Please not that, some of these apps do not behave like whatsapp and Opera Mini. These two apps do not use much data and they can save you a yon of cash. This means that some of these apps will use so much data on your phone you wil think Econet is stealing your money. However if you work at a company with free WIFI enjoy these apps to the maximum

1. Snapchat


This one cool app for fooling around. This app ahs hogged negative limelight in the USA as it is thought that some really rude and porn pictures are sent by teens. The beauty of it is that it sends photos that self destruct in 10 seconds. No matter what there is no trace of the picture in your phone.

As you can see, its easy to send nude pictures of yourself knowing that there won’t be any proof of them later on.



Wechat is a whatsapp wannabe. It copied all from whatsapp! The colours and all. However, when I installed Wechat the only gripe I had was that I couldn’t find my friends on the platform. However, I liked the Shake-and-Find feature where you only shake your phone and people near-by shaking their phones would be shown to you. Cool feature that huh!



Most people once they get hooked on whatsapp they forget sms altogether, except if Econet surprises them with those advert sms.

Binu is an app for all phones including Nokia, e.t.c. Binu can save you your cash when you want to send those sms to people who are not on whatsapp. That’s not all, Binu is now faster on Android, the app has been improved a lot.

And another bonus is that you access a lot of other apps within Binu itself without installing them on your phone. I like the WolrdReader App within Binu, there are some cool free books to read there. Besides, the games can entertain you for hours on end. However, withourt a data connection Binu is as good as dead.

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