Whatsapp the Zimpost Killer?


Zimpost’s logo is touting it as a very fast and effecient organisation. We do not know about reliabilty or efficiency but on fast, we beg to differ!

With a plethora of messaging apps mushrooming in all parts of the world, NetOne is dead slow. Imagine having to wait seven days for a reply in these days of whatsapp!

NetOne had an all time high in the early 2000 when it used to handle a mammoth 100 million letters a year. Now, according to a report in the press, Zimpost handles a mere 15 million missives a year. One thing of signaificance is that these are mainly business-to-consumer letters. well those Edgars, City Council and so-forth letters which can’t be delivered vis whatsapp ofcourse.

Meanwhile whatsapp, the most popular app in Zimbabwe, in-fact, its the single most deciding factor when one is purchasing a smartphone! People ask only one question “Does it Do whatsapp?” Is handling a behemoth 27 Billion Messages a SINGLE day.


With the internet usage on the rise, is there anything that Zimpost can do to stop its impending demise? Because people will lose jobs.


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