NetOne Finally catches up! Offers Data Bundles


NetOne is finally offering internet data bundles. As of late you could only use your airtime to browse the internet and you were charged at 7 cents per Mega Byte, cheaper than Econet’s On The Go Option that saw your chewing a hefty 15 cents per Mega Byte of Data.

However one thing you have to note is that you will need to purchase physical scratch cards that are dedicated to internet bundles to have these bundles in your phone. This is a time consuming way of doing it and I guess it will turn some people away.

If you are coming from the Econet and Telecel World where you use USSD codes you might get a little miffed by the whole scratch card affair.

However one thing I noted though is that if you purchase the $10 bundle from NetOne, you actually get more juice for your whatsapp and Opera Mini browsing!

In fact for $10 you get 285 Mega Bytes from NetOne and for the same amount you get only 200 Mega Bytes from Econet.

With TeIecel, for $10 you get a mere 160 Mega Bytes! But wait a minute don’t lose heart, Telecel will double those Mega Bytes to make them 320! So for $10 Telecel is the cheapest of the three!

I usually buy my bundles in ten dollar denominations that is why I noticed the difference.

Thumbs up to NetOne for catching up with th rest of the world.


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