Nokia Asha 201 vs Huawei Ascend Y 100


Asha 201 Pictured Above


Huawei Ascend Y100 Zoom

I used both phones for quite a while and below are the reasons why I chose to review these two phones. On both phones I ran the following applications:

  • Whatsapp
  • Opera Mini
  • Binu
  • Facebook App
  • Twitter App

Well these are the most common apps most Zimbabweans use anyway, no need for testing Angry Birds!

  1. They are going for the same price. Huawei is selling at $90 at Econet Zimbabwe Shops and the Nokia Asha 201 is also going for $90
  2. They are smartphones
  3. They are common

So if you want to buy a phone which one will you go for? Let us start with the Nokia Asha 201

Nokia Asha 201


  • This phone is very easy to use, in fact just load your sim and you are on. Apps like whatsapp, facebook, twitter come pre-loaded. There is no hussle in loading any apps whatsoever
  • The battery life is awesome, a missing feature in most smartphones nowadays. In fact a full charge can go for more than 48 hours with occasional browsing and not so heavy usage.
  • The phone is cute looking to say the least. It fits easily in your pocket
  • It is a Nokia, the brand that is known for duarble phones


  • The Nokia Asha 201 uses a very old Operating System, the Symbian S40. This software is so archaic you feel like you are stepping into the stone age. Well, if you have never used a smartphone before and this is your first smartphone, this may not be a problem
  • The phone is dead slow, with a slow processor, there is nothing like heavy internet browsing. Countless times did I feel like throwing the phone through an open window.
  • The Nokia browser compresses pages too much, it strips the whole page so that it renders fast. However even with such page stripping and page measuring 100KB laoded slowly
  • Apps like Opera Mini were slow to open and run, christ. You could wait ages just for Opera Mini to load, let alone open a web page.
  • The phone comes with no memory card, you have to buy your own

Huawei Ascend Y100


  • It runs Android the number and hippiest Operating System in town even though it rus Android 2.3 GingerBread half a loaf is better than nothing
  • It has a better screen resolution than the Nokia Asha 201, besides the screen is bigger and better.
  • Applicattions like Binu, Opera Mini, Twitter and so forth ran pretty fast.
  • The phone is lighter than your Nokia Asha 201
  • It is a touch screen, well touch screens are faster than your phones with buttons when it comes to scrolling web pages, or anything else for that matter.


  • Easy to crack the screen, drop that phone and you are gone. I dropped mine and the screen was shattered. But the Nokia Asha201 was dropped and it did not even switch off or dent!
  • The battery life lasts less time, Browse using HSPA technology and you won’t last more than 8 hours.
  • If you buy the phone, you need to “set it up a bit” before using it. Check this link here.
  • The screen is easier to scratch if you have got rough hands. I am looking at you bricklayers!!


The Huawei Ascend Y100 wins hands down. It perfoms better in real world situations. The Nokia Asha 201 is for teenagers or people who have never used a smartphone before. However one gripe I have for the Huawei is that use it once you will soon want even miore powerful phones. Trust me smartphones are addictive.


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