Smartphone Survey For Zimbabwe


There was a survey on the Techzim website about which smartphone is used the most.

Below are the results of the survey:

Results Summary

  • There were 87 respondents mostly coming from the 25-35 age group and the majority (93%) of them were from Zimbabwe.
  • Most of the respondents named Samsung (35%) as the phone they used most followed by Nokia (26%).
  • Samsung was named the favorite phone by 42%, HTC 17%, Apple phones 15%, and Nokia 12% and only 4% wanted a Blackberry.
  • Android was the most popular Mobile Operating System (53%) amongst respondents followed by Nokia’s Symbian 17%, Apple’s iOS 11.5% and Windows Phone 7%.
  • Over 79% of the people cited price as being either everything or very important when purchasing their phones as compared to 6% who do not care about price at all.
  • 51% care about the availability of accessories and servicing technicians whilst 49% do not care that much.
  • More than 87% of the respondents have smartphones.
  • Meanwhile close to 44% of the people use their phones as the primary means to access the internet.

And the insights (Gloating)

  • Nobody wants a GTel for some reason- I suspect people still associate it with cheap Asian imitations. Nothing can be further from the truth. GTel smartphones can compete with the rest of them up there in terms of performance and specifications.
  • Android is king but Symbian is still a force to be reckoned with.
  • Samsung is the most coveted brand of phones but Nokia is still very much in the picture.
  • Price is critical to people when making a purchase and for a lot of people it is the only thing between them and their favorite phone.
  • People do not care as much about the accessories and availability of service technicians when making a purchase. I would imagine warranties mean nothing to them as well.
  • Smartphones are the new deal in town and if you are a reseller, you would do well to stock your shop with them especially the cheap ones.
  • The number of people who use their phones is significant (close to half of the respondents) increasing webmasters would best be advised to make sure that their sites are optimized for mobile viewing considering this is the global trend as well.
  • People love Whatsapp and corporates should, in the same way they have Facebook pages, consider joining Whatsapp to communicate with their clients and other stakeholders. I bet you there will be a time when people will use Whatsapp more than they use Facebook.
  • People still use Opera the most on their phones but Chrome is coming for that top spot.

So there you have them, I took part in the survey as well and I think Samsung is the King of Smartphones and Android is the top Operating System for mobile phones.


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