Whatsapp Woes


I have seen people getting robbed because they have to install whatsapp. Some people do not even know how the whole whatsapp thing works.

One of my friend thought all the money he juices in his phone goes to whatsapp.

In Bulawayo town, some “clever and greedy” people are capitalising on people’s ignorance to get cash.

To get your own Whatsapp on your phone, you need to folk out an astounding $5 and to get Opera Mini, you will fork out another $5. That is $10 whooping bucks in one go.

What that person does is to give you a copy of Whatsapp and Opera that is in his computer and “Charge” you.

So how do you install both Whatsapp and Opera Mini for Just a $1, yes one dollar.

There are two options: Lets start with option one

  1. Arm yourself with the data cable that came with your phone.
  2. Find the best Internet Cafe that is fast. Some Cafe are dead slow.
  3. Log in and search “download whatsapp”,
  4. Better still follow this link here
  5. DO NOT download from the Google Play Store! You are on a computer right? Then Playstore Does not download to your computer
  6. Make sure the file you are downloading has an .apk extension like so whatsapp000.apk if you using Android Phones.
  7. Now plug in the data cable onto the computer usb port as well as your phone
  8. Now send the whatsapp .apk file to your phone and make.
  9. The next step is a bit tricky it depends with what version of Android you are running.
  10. Now go to your File Manager and Find the whatsapp.apk file on your phone memory card.
  11. Touch the file and your phone will complain about “Your phone does not Install Third Party Apps” Just below that statements there is a “Settings” and “Cancel”. Choose settings and your settings will open.
  12. There will be an option were it says “Unknown Applications” Touch that and there will be a green tick in a box.
  13. Done, go back to the whatsapp.apk file and touch it again. It will Install without glitch.
  14. Make sure you have some airtime in your phone.
  15. Enjoy whatsapp.

Now Option Two:

  1. Go to an Internt Cafe that has an option of Wifi. One hour wifi costs one dollar. You need fast wifi.
  2. With your phone, scan for the wifi network of the cafe, use the password that they gave you to connect to it and then search for “whatsapp for Android” I guess you are using Android.
  3. Navigate to this link on your phone: whatsapp download
  4. Now let the app download untill it finishes.
  5. Do nothing, when the app finishes download it will install and ask you to verify phone number and stuff and you are done.
  6. Enjoy whatsapp.

So which method is better. Both methods are good but obviously method two is simplest. However, you take less than ten minutes with both methods.

However the first method has the advantage that the whatsapp.apk file will remain in your computer as well as your memory card after installing. So you can charge people to install whatsapp from you computer or you can send it via Bluetooth to other Android Phone Users.

So enjoy whatsapp


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