Astro Phones, should you buy these “Made in Zimbabwe” phones?

At the ZITF 2013 I stumbled upon the Astro Brand of phones and it was my first time to come across this brand. Their flagship phone was the Astro Virtual which is a Phablet! Well a huge phone that is.
In fact this phone is 5.1 inch screen size, running Android 4.2 which is the latest Android version the world over mind you. From my temporary usage at the ZITF 2013 I found the large screen refreshing than the 2.8 inch phone that I had that was stolen at the same ZITF 2013 trade fair.
With 1 gig ram you really can’t complain unless if you want to play 3D games and all. If you the usual whatsapp, Opera Mini + a few games and music player then with such specs you can’t go wrong.
However one thing got me raising my eyebrows, the guy who showed me the phone at the ZITF told me that the phones were ‘Made in Zimbabwe’ with a straight face!
Really you expect us to believe that! Designed in Zimbabwe I may believe but ‘Made”!!! Hey even Apple Phones are not made in USA but they are assembled in Asian countries.
Well, I hope to get my hands on this phone and see how it fares against the G-Tel Infinity 707 as these two companies are “Proudly Zimbabwe”.


5 comments on “Astro Phones, should you buy these “Made in Zimbabwe” phones?

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  2. Thats a good local brand my friend i tell you i bought one in march last year i love the phablet and i even broke the screen and they fixed it for me for $25 only compared to $350 i had to pay for my s2

  3. Guys don’t buy from Astro they are a fucken problem. I have bought twice from them. and to be honest these guys are a joke. they don’t have spare parts for their phone. They don’t reply emails of of queries. guys save money and buy some other phone. not from these guys. I have a tablet 4 months old now & no Touch, and to make matters worse they are still taking money from my account. Don’t buy you will regret. I have bought twice from them & still am not happy with their service. They don’t deserve ur money guys. Go G-tel, it may be better haven’t dealt with them yet, but Astro don’t attempt. they are a total joke.

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