Telecel Zim vs Econet Wireless


Well as our website is named smartphones we are looking at these networks from a perspective of someone who owns, or want to own a smartphone than someone who wants to ride solely the cheap calls or bonuses or zones whatever those are, if they really work to start with.


Econet Wireless Logo

Econet Wireless Logo

Econet has the largest subscriber base, reaching a mammoth 8 million subscribers. Yep, as someone who wants to own a smartphone here are the benefits of owning a using Econet Wireless.


  • Larger infrastructure
  • Faster, econet actually can run the HSPA signal consistently not just EDGE. We all just know that HSPA is faster than edge.
  • More reliable
  • Easier to set-up the settings as they automatically activate themselves
  • Ecocash may be a real motivation to join Econet. Why it’s everywhere and anywhere!


  • Econet is way too expensive. When I asked one guy who works at Econet as to why they were so expensive, he had this to say “we are reliable and fast than our competitors hence we have to charge more”. What a lame excuse. Since MTN is way more reliable than Econet, why are they charging less?
  • Stingy, with Econet you will hardly get discounts and stuff even if you are a heavy internet user. They just don’t give a hoot about you.
  • Bad customer Call Centres. If you encounter a problem with your smartphone, you may have to keep trying the 111 call centre for an eternity without getting through, you will just be bombarded by adverts until your ears itch.


Telecel Logo

Telecel Logo

Telecel tells us to tell someone! Now we are telling you that Telecel seems to be more of a real formidable threat to Econet Wireless.  Telecel seems to be ever wondering how to handle Econet.

However, one thing has to be given to Telecel, they have a large Facebook following and they actually respond to your posts or queries on Facebook. Unlike other Firms who set up Facebook pages and proceed to create a one way communication, never giving you a chance to get responses from them…Econet yes, don’t blush! I am looking at you Econet.


  • Cheap tariffs. If you are heavy internet user, you may find that you use less on Telecel. At only 3 cents a megabyte, your dollar lasts longer.
  • Telecel is really innovative and it has some really cool promotions. Like the never ending mega juice cards, Mo’ Fire promotion and its Telecel Red 30, Red 60 and Red 150.
  • Quick customer care via social media outlets. I tell you Telecel will respond to you on twitter or facebook


  • Well, if we said Telecel was cheap, you may be frustrated by it’s Off and On internet connection. Telecel, when electricity is shaded in my area, their network seems to follow suit. It just disappears
  • Slower than Econet when it comes to internet speeds. Of course I didn’t use speed bench making sites to see this, I am just a heavy internet user and you just can tell it.

How come Netone is not on this list?

We are talking Networks that can handle heavy data network usages. The last time I checked NetOne was having problems even opening my facebook page on a Nokia C2! What a network.

So Which Provider is the best?

I will leave you judge, Econet is a behemoth giant but these days I think the massive users are taking a toll on its network, just take a peep at their facebook page you will see more complaints than praises.

Telecel, is closing the gap but I wonder if their Network has the capacity to actually “carry” an extra 2 million users on top of their already existing subscribers.

Best solution, buy sim cards from both Telecel and Econet, when one pisses you off vote with your money and use the other one. Do the same the next time the other pisses you off.

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5 comments on “Telecel Zim vs Econet Wireless

  1. Good review, but please try and cover more providers as well, i.e. Powertel and Africom. I find both of these providers filling the gap where Econet and Telecel are failing (pricing). Africom has this cool wifi dongle that is ideal for Android users, you must know the biggest headache with android phones is the heavy data usage. Powertel is for the pirates. Unlimited data for $50, ideal for non stop downloads, torrents etc…

    • Ok, thank you for taking your time to read my blog. I wil do the review of Powertel and Africom as I have used both. I hope to post the post tommorrow. I have written articles on how to deal with big data usage by Android phones, Read my blog and you wil find two posts on how to minimise data usage. Thank you

      • I know how to minimize data usage. But what’s the point of having a smart phone if you’re only gonna stop it from being smart? The best way would be to have a cheaper Internet and enjoy the full benefits of having the S4s and iPhones and all…

  2. i have found alternating quite usefull, when am at the office econet is better, bt rather useless once i get home. It like m at the Bermuda triangle. Telecel however works quite well in that instance…

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