Buying a new Laptop? Read this First!



One gadget that you will need in your life is a laptop. A laptop is a versatile device that is more easier on you than a desktop. Besides, you cannot lug a desktop to town will you?

Being a device that has virtually pushed the desktop from the lime-light, you have to be very astute when you are acquiring your computing device.

  • The most important thing that you have to consider when buying a laptop is not the laptop itself but the uses that you will use it for. For instance if you are going to be carrying your laptop a lot, you will hardly need a hefty 22 inch machine that will cause back pains from carrying it.

Again, if you are using it as a desktop replacement, then go all the 22 inches and enjoy. Again, if all you will do is type one or two assignments, load a few songs and stuff, there is no point in going for the 500Giga Bytes Hard drive!

  • This may not be an important point but it is very important. The looks count. You don’t want a laptop that feels like you want to throw it away each time friends and foes open theirs. A laptop has to feel right in your hands or lap.
  • Now after this you may consider the specs! Well these are the specifications. I know the geeks will think this is too elementary but trust me a lot of people don’t know this. If you know this leave us alone we the dull heads.
  • Following are the specifications which I think a decent affordable laptop will suffice.

–          Hard drive

If a laptop has a hard drive of 120Gig it is good enough. If you are go towards 500G to 1 Tera Byte, you must be crazy unless you are a pirate who wants to burn movies.

Here Gig stands for Giga bytes, by the way.

–          Memory

Memory is not the hard drive we mentioned above. This is where your document you are typing, the portion of a game you are playing, the portion of a movie or music resides temporarily before it is sent to your screen or speakers or whatever happens next. This is where that portion of whatever program you are using is sent before being processed or sent where ever it needs to go.

So how big is this thing supposed to be? 1Gig will be sufficient, but hell! 2 Gig will be super.

–          Processor

This is where confusion reigns supreme. Yep you will be confused when you listen to the geeks speak. You will hear words like Dual Core, Quad Core, Core i2, Core i3, Core i7. Intel inside, Fools Outside!

Just forget the whole lot, know this anything with a Core i2 or (dual core) processor or higher will do. Core i7 are expensive you will not afford them. Well if you can, do buy them.

–          Screen Size

The screen size is also another major issue you have to consider, you don’t want a small screen that will force you to scroll sideways. Neither do you want a large screen that anyone who is passing from a distance of 10 metres can see what you are typing.

On screen sizes 14 inches to 21 inches will do.

You also have to consider something called the aspect ratio.

–          USB Hubs/Ports

This is pretty obvious, but don’t be fooled. Two USB hubs will be sufficient.

The other thing you have to use it to like it. If whoever is selling you a computer can let you use it before you buy it. Don’t be satisfied with a 10 minute usage. You won’t find out anything. You need at most two days.

Now let us go to the real names of laptops that you can buy, brands which I trust

  • Hp
  • Samsung
  • Lenovo
  • Acer

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