Binu Review


There are thousands of communication apps that are at our disposable these days. Today we are reviewing Binu a sms and now turned social network app.

Some time ago, I lost my phone and I started using my brothers Motorola phone. All I know is it was an old flip phone. Astonishingly it could go on facebook! Or rather it could connect to the internet. Then my girl friend suggested that I install Binu for easier communication. I did, and boy did I love this app. It ran okay on the old phone.  I mean, since my phone was old I knew that I couldn’t expect more speeds from the poor old phone.

I then bought an Android phone and one of the first apps to find its way into my phone was Binu.

To my horror and shock! Dismay and utter dislike, Binu was dead slow. The navigation was horrible to say the least. The app was just not what I expected to be. My reasoning was since the smartphone was way faster than my Motorola, then Binu was going to run like lightning. Too bad, I was disappointed.

However here are the advantages of Binu

  • Cheap, as it sends sms messages over the data network
  • You can send sms to people without Binu application on their phones
  • Other applications within Binu, like the dictionary which I used a lot
  • Games and stuff, soccer results e.t.c
  • Facebook app within Binu which is a cheaper way of visiting facebook though the experience is not as nice as going via Opera Mini or your phone browser


  • We are talking about Binu for Android, this application is dead slow and very slow
  • Not so cute experience, the user interface could do with some nicer icons


If you are using an old phone, you may install this but on Android there are some better sms applications than this slow app.


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