Phones to look out for in 2013

Yes you have realised that you buy a phone today, next thing you don’t feel it. You want another one.  In fact I suspect phones will end up being disposable.

But that has not yet happened. You can’t dispose your phones as yet. Below we have listed the phones that we think will make a statement this year.

1. Samsung Galaxy S4

Yes following the success of the Galaxy S3, we are sure that once the Galaxy S4 is released, people will leap on it like hot chips. Rumours and leaks keep surfac here and there about the Galaxy S4 but nothing is set in stone as yet until the phone is released. One feature we liked about the S4 is the flexible screen

2. BlackBerry BS10

Blackberry, the dying giant is about to release the last kick of a dying horse. Well from the features list we read about the BlackBerry, you are sure to be shocked and pleasantly surprised. In fact, if the rumours are true this phone is almost better than the Samsung Galaxies of this world and the Android.

3. Iphone 5S

You may be shocked as to why we placed this phone on number three. This is because of the price. This super exquisite phone easily beats out the two above phones but because of it’s exorbitant price it has to sit on number three. However, this is one phone that will take your breath away.

4. Samsung Galaxy Note II

Samsung has appeared again in this list. The large phone which was once mocked by many has become the icon of phablets.  These super large phones that are a combination of tablets and phone in one a joy to use. Of course not counting the odd look you will get in the Kombi when putting such a large device to your ear when making a phone call.

5. LG Optimus G

LG could have taken the 4th spot but save for the fact that it copied Samsung Galaxy Note II. This sees it land on spot number 5. This phone packs a punch and it’s a good choice for people who are simple tired of hearing Samsung this, Samsung that!

Well above you may note that we listed quite expensive phones. Unless you actually get paid your returns in Pyramid Money Schemes which is highly unlikely, you may have to admire those phones from the safety of glass cages in shops. Below we list low cost affordable phones which may make a statement in 2013

6. Nokia Asha 301

This dual sim phone from Nokia is a refreshing take on dual sim smartphones. With a whole host features from this phone this gadget is bound to take your breath away. And it’s affordable

7. Samsung Galaxy Young

This year forget about the Samsung Galaxy Mini and Samsung Galaxy Pockets. They belong to 2012. The Galaxy young has the newer version of Android. This cute phone has a bigger screen than the Mini and the Pocket.

8. Huawei For Africa Windows Phone

How can Huawei miss this list? This year forget the Huawei Ascend and stuff and consider this Windows Phone instead. Huawei is known for its quality and strong phones but the fact that they are using windows lands them on this 8th spot. Windows is not a growing mobile software.


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