Low Cost Smartphones you can buy now in Zimbabwe


Well the topic just as much excludes Iphones, unless if you want to buy those old phones from your United Kingdom relatives.

Of the smartphones that I have used and which I know will make a mark are listed below




You may be surprised as to why big Sammy is not toping the list here. Well at only $75 from Econet, yes that stingy company we all love to hate, comes this cool Android 2.2.2 version. Not the latest version of Android but this is a great entry level phone. Notice the deliberate bold “entry level”. I wouldn’t expect you to own that cheap phone for more than a year.


This phone, though has tiny fonts and you will have to squint to read the text at times.

Reading this phone in the sun is almost impossible, unless if you have eagle eyes

2. Samsung Galaxy Range



Well, we wrote Galaxy Range because there are a number of low cost galaxy phones. From Galaxy Pocket, Galaxy Mini, Galaxy Observer to Galaxy what what, you will find any Galaxy phone ranging from $100 to $250 easily

Nokia Asha Range



Yes, phones from the dying cellular phone giant still pack a punch. However I am not a great fan of the Nokia Resistive touch Screens. What this means is their touch screens are harder. In fact, if you use the cheaper Racer 2 listed above and this Nokia Asha, you can feel the difference easily. There is smoother scrolling on the Racer 2 than the Asha


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