Android Apps for your new Smartphone

Apps for your New Smartphone

Some of you might be amazed as to why we keep focusing on smartphones? Yep smartphones are cool and complicated they need whole books of instructions to get to know. Besides with Google churning out a new version of Android twice a year. Besides, there are millions of apps that can do virtually anything from showing you directions to influencing your dreams. Below is a list of applications that your need to download onto your brand spanking new smartphone.

1. Whatsapp

Hey, the O’ Level failure rate was at 87% and this was blamed on social networks, chief among them Facebook and Whatsapp. Whatsapp is wildly popular and on Xmas alone 11 million messages were sent and 7 million received. Not to mention that this is an sms killer, it is cooler than sms and way cheaper to use.. I mean dirt cheap.

2. Wechat

Yes you heard right, Wechat. This is NOT cooler than whatsapp but it sure packs a punch. One biggest letdown is astonishingly, it seems Tencent the Chinese markers of Wechat have put Zimbabwe under the sanctions list. Upon registering, you will notice that Zimbabwe is not on the list of countries and therefore you will recognised as someone in China. When you shake your phone to find other Wechaters near by, you will be told that “Zhiang Kai Zheky” is 100 meters away in Taipei.

3. Anti Virus



Well, th third app you need to install is some anti virus. Well this is NOT that important if you install your apps from Google Play only and all you will ever install on your phone is Wechat and Whatsapp. However if you are a power user, you need an anti virus software. AND if you download lots of apps and attachments in whatsapp be careful… The anti virus I trust the most are Trustgo and Avast.

4. Tango


Yes, make video calls over Econet and Telecel networks. Infact this app makes a good compliment to whatsapp. With tango you can video chat, and that means you will need a phone with a front facing camera, mind you but once you install this and invite family and friends to Tango, you wont regret it.

5. Power Amp

This is not free you need to shell out cash for it, but as your music collection grows, your will sadly note that macheso.wma won’t play on your phone. In fact you will be lucky to even see that song in your music library list. Power amp plays .wma files on your Android phone.

6. Viber


Just like Tango, this app allows you to make calls cheaply and make Econet a little less poor as you use more for less.


You will realise that just these apps are way better and good than the all too common whatsapp. Unfortunately, upon downloading and installing these apps you will realise that there are almost no users of these apps amongst your friends.

You will either have to force them to install the apps or wait for them to do so in the near future… Hope you find these articles useful.


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